Covid-19 Policy Changes and Updates
Stay & Play Pet Resort offers spacious habitats to accommodate cats and dogs ranging in size from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Your dog(s) can stay in a single dog kennel, or a multiple dog habitat. At Stay & Play Pet Resort, we understand the difficulty in finding comfortable and roomy accommodations for your larger companions, but here at Stay & Play your canine friend can stretch when they romp and find comfortable space to lay down and relax. Individual cats or families of cats can cohabitate in spacious bi-level condos that provide separate rooms for litter boxes.
All canine habitats feature orthopedic Kuranda Beds that provide off-the-ground cushioned support and easy on-and-off motion for all dogs. Kuranda Beds offer superior comfort for canine gusts and are ideally suited for the arthritic or geriatric pet.

Stay & Play Pet Resort optimizes sanitation of floors and feed bowls on a daily basis to maximize a clean environment for your pets in keeping with our veterinary care background. Hand-laid epoxy quartz floors provide an odor-free environment.

Dog habitats at Stay & Play Pet Resort are constructed by the renowned Mason Kennel Company using industry-leading standards intended to completely isolate adjoining runs. Our marvelous Mason Kennel Company habitats with the patented Silvis Seal between walls and floors ensures no cross contamination of cleaning fluids or waste from boarder to boarder. Color schemes of differing habitats are selected to maximize your pet's comfort and entice them to feel at home.

At Stay & Play we provide stereo classical music to lullaby our canine guests to a restful sleep each night.

We invite you to view a flyover tour of the resort during its final construction phase.
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