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Pricing - Dogs

All prices shown are for single boarders. Stay & Play Pet Resort limits the number of pets per habitat to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable vacation for your pet.

All habitats are manufactured by Mason Kennels and are comfortable for all sizes of dogs. Toy-to-large breeds of dogs enjoy any of our five comfy habitats. Giant-breeds of dogs (e.g., Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, Mastiffs) are most comfortable in our stylish Sunset and Luxury-suite habitats. We recommend our unique Ocean-double habitat for families of two or three toy-to-mid size dogs. Stay & Play Pet Resort will limit number of pets per habitat based on weight. We recommend that pets with food aggression not be fed together, although they can be housed together.

Allow us to make your trip planning simple. Drop your pet off at Baker Clinic and we will gladly transport them to and from the Resort at no charge. Take advantage of our services in adverse weather too. Everyone benefits!

Day Camp Prices & Packages

Half-Day Charges
Full-Day Charges
$ / Day
$ / Day
Daily (1 day)
5 Day Bundle
10 Day Bundle
30 Day Bundle
• It is highly recommended that clients book day-camp dates as walk-ins may be turned away whenever facility is servicing maximum number of prebooked day campers and/or boarders.
• Please note that we only accept spayed or neutered dogs for enrollment in day camp or playtime activities.
• Dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviour at any time while boarding or attending day camp may be prohibited from either activity at the discretion of the management.

Overnight Dog Boarding

Sq. Ft.
Luxury Suites - Beach
(Additional dog $40/night)
Luxury Suites - Timber
(Additional dog $40/night)
First Class Suites - Meadow
(Additional dog $28/night)
First Class Suites - Sunset
(Additional dog $30/night)
First Class Suites - Ocean
(Additional dog $34/night)
First Class Suites - Ocean Double
(Additional dog $52/night)
• If multiple dogs from the same owner are boarded simultaneously, then the first dog is charged the regular price, but each additional dog receives discount on their boarding fee as shown in table above.
Please note that all animals must be current on vaccinations (including rabies) as proven by a vaccination record provided by the client’s veterinarian. The owner must ensure that up-to-date vaccination record(s) for their pet(s) is delivered to the resort reception office by fax, email or personal delivery before the animal will be accepted for boarding or Day Camp activities. Highly recommended that all vaccination records are received by SPPR at least two days before the day of arrival for boarding or Day Camp services. Fax number (405-743-1451) and email ([email protected]) are on the Contact Page.
• Owners wishing to feed pets their own food are welcome to drop off their pet’s dry food in one-gallon zip-lock bags or smaller. The resort cannot accept 30 lb or larger bags of dry kibble food for dogs or cats.
• Please note that we only accept spayed or neutered dogs for enrollment in day camp or playtime activities.
• Dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior at any time while boarding or attending day camp may be prohibited from either activity at the discretion of the management. In such instances, we encourage pet owners to visit Dr. Maria, Baker Animal Clinic, for medical and non-medical options that may be successful in allowing your pet to enjoy the services of the resort.
• Please inform our friendly resort staff that your pet requires medication or special supplement treatment; medicating/treatment fee is $2 per occurrence. Please let us know in advance if you want your pet to have nail trim ($20.50). A laundry fee ($6) is charged for washing of your pet washables items, e.g., blankets, towels, and toys.

Additional Boarding Packages

Play Time (For Overnight Boarders): $13.00

Under supervision of camp counselors, your pet will enjoy a full hour of high-energy interaction with their canine comrades in our outdoor grass pens featuring pool and toys, or enjoy our large indoor romper rooms complete with toys and ball pit. 
- Your pet will be interacting with staff and other pets.

Extra Walk (For Overnight Boarders): $14.00 per dog

- Your pet will enjoy a 15 minute leashed walk with a Camp Counselor. They will love exploring the sights, smell , and sounds of the wildlife our expansive pasture and three ponds have to offer.

Touch-Love-Cuddle (TLC) Package: $18.00

This package is designed to provide extra fun and love to guests who savour special attention. It pampers guests and is particularly enjoyed by our senior guests. Your pet will enjoy a thoroughly relaxing hour of total devotion to your fur baby. Tell us what would make your pet smile and we'll make it happen.

TLC Package can include:
- Gentle brushing and cuddling by SPPR Camp Counselor
- Individual cuddle time
- Personal private walk in adjoining scenic acreage

Spa Package (Day Campers and Overnight Boarders): $65.00

Let us spoil your pet with a generous double lathering of pleasantly scented shampoo, or scent-free hypoallergenic shampoo (please specify when making an appointment), thorough ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Spa Package includes:
- Bathing with a veterinarian recommended shampoo and conditioner
- Blow dry
- Quick brushing of your happy pet

Complimentary Bath

- Overnight guests staying at least 7 days receive a complimentary bath with shampoo and conditioner
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