Health and Vaccinations
Vaccines All pets must be current (with proof) on veterinary-administered vaccines within 1 year of boarding date.
Dog vaccines must include Rabies, Bordatella and a 5 or 7-way DA2PPL.
Cat vaccines must include Rabies, Feline Leukemia and FVRCP to be allowed access to the loafing tree.
Parasites All pets must be current on flea and tick control. Any pets harboring fleas or ticks will be treated at the owners expense.
All pets must be on a monthly dewormer or show a negative fecal within 3 months of boarding.
Intact Campers We are happy to offer boarding services to spayed, neutered, and intact animals. However, only spayed or neutered animals may enroll in day camp or playtime.
Medical Care Stay and Play works closely with Baker Animal Clinic to provide veterinary assistance. Should a boarder or day camper show signs of diarrhea, the owner will be notified and a sample taken to Baker Animal Clinic for analysis with medical treatment follow-up at the owner's expense.
In the event a boarder or day camper experiences any other illnesses, the owners will be notified and the pet transferred to Baker Animal Clinic, or an owner-identified clinic, at owner's expense.
Contagious Diseases All boarders must be free of communicable, contagious conditions for at least 2 weeks prior to admission.