Pricing - Cats

Super Deluxe Habitat: Tristar Kennels™ provide spacious condos with a private litter area. Hugs and cuddles, open play area with loafing tree, cat walk, and window seats over-looking our hummingbird and butterfly garden are standard.

Deluxe Habitat: Spacious Tristar Kennels™ condo with private litter area, and as many hugs and cuddles as necessary to pamper your cat.

Overnight Boarding*
Habitat Price
Super Deluxe Habitat $18.50/Day
Deluxe Habitat $16.50/Day

*Multiple cat discount: If multiple cats from the same owner are boarded simultaneously, then the first cat is charged regular price but each additional cat receives a 10% discount on their boarding fee.

For more information on our cat lodging facilities see our Cat Lodging page