Veterinary Care and Feeding

Integration of veterinary care at Stay and Play Resort with Baker Animal Clinic and Cleveland Animal Clinic allows instant access to medical records of patients from these clinics. This permits easier completion of reservation forms for Baker and Cleveland Clinic patients and expedient review of your pet's medical history whenever a medically-related problem occurs during boarding at Stay and Play.

An experienced Baker Clinic staff doctor is available immediately for consultation and emergency visits to serve the needs of all boarders at the resort.

Stay and Play Pet Resort only does the best for your pet by feeding super-premium quality Eagle Pack Original pork and chicken dry food. Canned varieties are also available.

We offer the latest probiotics on a daily basis to keep your pet regular, boost their immune system, and avoid stress diarrhea. Owners are welcome to supply their preferred dietary products. We are happy to provide whatever dietary regimen your pets are used to eating. More complicated feeding schedules have an up charge.